DVD Authoring:

Authoring is the step between creation of your video and manufacturing of finished discs. It involves combining materials such as a video, audio and designed graphics into a format suitable for viewing on target devices (such as DVD/Blu-ray players and computers). Often, authoring involves creation of an interface or menu, allowing the user to navigate and access different assets or files easily and conveniently. Interactive elements can include an opening logo, main menu page, chapter selection, subtitles and alternate audio streams.

  • Standard
  • €20,00
  • Watch everywhere!
  • 3-5 business days
  • Encoding NTSC/PAL
  • Video Encoding for DVD/BD without menu
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  • Pro
  • €100,00
  • With menu and chapters:
  • 3-5 business days
  • Encoding NTSC/PAL + Menu
  • Video Encoding for DVD/BD with titles/chapters menu
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What I need to do?

What is DVD Authoring?

The DVD Video must meet certain technical requirements, such as encryption and compression, to be properly seen by all players. DVD authoring is the process of formatting the video to meet the specific DVD for playback on DVD players. the Blu Ray Authoring is the process of creating high-definition video ready for playback on Blu-ray. Most of the DVD and Blu-ray discs are also structured with some form of interactivity and menus. This gives users a simple and easy way to navigate the video and view the items they want to see. DVDs with menus provide a professional touch, greater flexibility, the director's commentary, animated menus, custom editing, and special cuts.

What files do I need to send CDCLICK for my DVD/Blu-ray authoring project?

Encoding (choosing "standard") We can use the project that you have uploaded in your account

Images and elements from your case wraps and disc label art in any of the following formats: PSD, EPS, PDF, PNG, TIF, JPEG
Chapter Names and Time Codes (if applicable). A still image can be provided for static thumbnails.
Names of any bonus content on disc (if applicable)

Video Content
For STANDARD - PRO - DELUXE: QuickTime or AVI - Apple ProRes HQ, Avid DNX100, or Uncompressed (other formats may be acceptable)
Audio Content Stereo (2.0) (if DELUXE)



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